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Jontae Grant

"Festina is always attentive and gets back to me in little to no time. She also explain things I need to know thoroughly. My books are organized, paperwork in order and everything is filed correctly for my business. She's the best accountant and I appreciate what she does daily for my business! I also appreciate the check ups if she don’t hear from me in a while."

Natoria Edwards

"Festina was recommended by a friend for tax services. I had a tax issue and my prior CPA was not responsive. So I truely appreciate the Thorough communication and feedback that Festina provided. I really enjoyed the expereience of working with her and will be back next year!"

"Festina is very professional and has always done exceptional work with tax and bookkeeping. I enjoy the communication and the planning. Festina keeps me on target with my initial financial goals and pushes me to think of the future of my business. Her communication is always timely and clear to help you understand finance for your business. Before working with FMS advisory...

Ashley McClain

...I had been hoping from tax prep services and was missing out on key fillings in my taxes. Thankfully Festina was able to address these issues and place on a path to success. Currently, my tax/accounting situation is much more organized. I can easily find any tax or accounting documentation. If I have questions FMS advisory is easily accessible to answer any questions I may have."

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Take out the guesswork and stay on top of business compliance, bookkeeping, growth management, and tax planning. My holistic approach will ensure you're on the right path to tax wellness!